#51 Our very first cruise with Costa Crociere

Ciao Amici,

we have been on our very first Caribbean cruise with Costa Crociere as you might have seen on our Instagram accounts.
Right in the beginning we can tell you that it was AMAZING and everything else than old-fashioned! The next cruise will come very soon!

Now some facts:
Our flight was operated by Delta Airlines from Dusseldorf to Fort Lauderdale where our cruise started at Port Everglades. It was a 10 – day cruise with 6 stops and 4 days on board. Costa Deliziosa was the ship’s name and the tour was called The Magical Caribbean. We could eat as much as we want, the gym, the pools and the entertainment were included in our stay. The food was excellent, the staff was more than friendly and we ended our vacation completly satisfied!

But now to the most exciting part – the different islands:

Once you leave the cruise port you can choose between taxi drivers, tour agents and other guys that want you to sell every kind of excursion. For our first stop we decided to go on our own. We took a taxi for only 4$ (one way per person) to Paradise Island where the world-famous Atlantis Paradise Resort is located. The beach was literally the heaven on earth!!! After some hours of taking a bath in the Caribbean Sea, drinking fresh drinks and just lying on the beach, we took the taxi back to Nassau City, where you can find lots of souvenir shops..
Outfit: bracelets by Cruciani, swimshorts and polos by Orlebarbrown and espadrilles by Manebi
Different day, different Island..
After our positive experience we made in Bahamas, we decided to go again on our own, although we were a little bit scared if the Dominican Republic is safe we met a very kind local guide close to the port.
His name was Alexandre, a young student, who was working for the tourism department.
He organised a taxi just for us that waited during the whole tour.
First he showed us a beautiful kind of rugged beach of Puerto Plata. After a while we decided to see the city of Puerto Plata. The tour included a visit in the Amber Cove museum and a lot of insider information given by our guide Alexandre.

The tour took 4 hours and we paid 60$ (taxi + private tour!). It’s quite common to give some $ as tip!
We recommend to trade with the sellers, taxi drivers etc. We think going by one’s own is a good idea for everybody who speaks a little bit of Spanish / English and for those who are traveling in groups.
Outfit: espadrilles by Manebi, t-shirts by review, shorts (Fabio) by ZARA (Gianluca) by asos, cap by LFDY
Outfit: shorts and t-shirts by ZARA, bracelets by Cruciani, loafers (Gianluca) by AxelArigato, espadrilles (Fabio) by Manebi
Ocho Rios is famous for its unique Dunn’s River Falls, but we preferred to relax at the beach. Fortunately there was one very close to the cruise port. The entrance was 3$ per person, drinks and food was also very cheap there. The only negative point was that many people try to sell drugs! So please pay attention!
Okay guys, you really have to travel at least on time in your life to Grand Cayman! All the different types of blue in the Caribbean Sea are just CRAZY! At the port you can book easily excursion for example to Stingray City where you can get in touch with REAL stingrays!
The excursion we did took 3 hours and we paid only 30$ per person including drinks, snorkel equipment and the transfer to the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. First we were a little bit scared of touching or kissing a real stingray but thanks to the kind guides it was just fun. It was an unforgettable experience we don’t want to miss. After the visit in Stingray City the excursion boat brought us to a snorkel spot from where we could jump in to the water to see all the amazing underwater creatures. The second half of the day we spent at the Seven Mile Beach – the most beautiful one we saw during our cruise.
Outfit: watermelon and anchor swimshorts by BRALLOR – use Fratelli10 to get 10% off!!
Obviously, we also wanted to test some excursion of Costa that you can easily book either online in advance or after a kind consultation in the Tour Office on board. Well, we booked the Dolphin Encounter at Anthony’s Key Resort combined with a relaxing layover at Tabyana Beach. – The 150$ per person where definately worth it because we had the chance to meet a cute dolphin called Alita and to learn something new about this amazing animals. Fyi: it was allowed to take pictures, but for those with the dolphin kiss you have to pay. We bought the family package for 55$…
Tabyana Beach is a must-visit,too, you should not miss it.
6th / last stop: COZUMEL / MEXICO
For our last stop we booked a Costa Excursion to a private island via catamaran with lunch and drinks.
Unfortunately the weather was quite stormy so that we had to change plans. Instead of the island tour, we visited a Mayan Ruins and went to a beach club.
Outfit: loafers by AxelArigato, swim shorts by Abercrombie&Fitch, rest by ZARA


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